Boletus, chanterel’em and oyster mushrooms in the "VIII Conference of Tapas Mycological lands of Sepulveda".

         On 18, 19 and 20 November will take place in the town of Sepúlveda Conference VIII Tapas Mycological, a conference featuring the participation this year of eight restaurants and bars of the municipality.

Lids that can enjoy during these three days are: restaurant Manor of Sepulveda (Lamb with mushrooms sauce and field flew to Pedro Ximénez), restaurant Samoa (peppers stuffed with mushrooms with cream of asparagus and ham), restaurant Cristobal (crunchy ball of mushrooms on truffle sauce), Restaurant Villa de Sepúlveda (porcini and prawns on nest of straw potatoes croquettes) , Bar the remains (prawns with mushroom stew), the cooking of Paulino (cheek sauce perigueux with confit Chanterelle), bonfire of the Quicksilver (Boletus risolados on ciabatta with cream from fruits of the field), Casa Paulino (mushroom stuffed with salad of autumn).

For just 1.50 euros the lid or 2.50 cover more wine or beer, guests can sample species Mycological as the mushrooms or mushroom of thistle with the privileged taste, presentation and exquisiteness of kitchen sepulvedana.

In this edition of 2016, Mahou and the distributions JOLBAP company sponsor these days Mycological, who have acquired great prominence in gastronomy in the region, since in past editions the number of attendees has been very numerous, increasing each year.

In addition to the Mycological tapas tasting, visitors who go to Sepulveda these days, can take advantage to visit the beautiful autumnal landscapes offered by the Gorges of Duratón and Caslilla rivers, its beautiful and historical places and buildings, and taste the traditional roast suckling lamb.

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