As on previous occasions on 16 and 17 April will take place the third fair of the wine and cheese Segovia in Sepulveda.

Fair of wine and cheese Sepulveda

The fair will start at 11:30 in the morning and to the 12: 30 Act the Group of dances 'Virgen de la Peña' Sepulveda.

To enhance the fair of wine and cheese bars and restaurants of Sepulveda prepared the "III cover wine". Lids for this year are:

  • "Crispy Cone and croquettes of oxtail to port wine",
  • "Mini Burger of beef with cheese of goat, onion confit and reduction of wine red",
  • "Skewer of fillet steak with candied peppers, caramelized onions and blue cheese",
  • "Boulder",
  • "Dorito's cheese and salsa guacamole",
  • "Bread with tomato with pepper of the piquillo peppers and anchovies of Santoña with clear and sticks of fish sprinkled"
  • "Hamburger Santiago: Iberian in bread cereals and Sesame with onion confit at the verdejo".

In the afternoon will be held in the square the "I contest children and youth of dances Villa of Sepulveda" involving the Group of dances of Ayllon and Sepulveda.

Tastings, dances, taste and flavor will be the protagonists in the III Feria del Vino and cheese Segoviano Villa de Sepúlveda.

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Source of information www.sepulveda.es