So decided it yesterday the Assembly of the Association "The peop’em most beautiful of Spain", which has selected other eight towns in Spain to join the current list, so it will be already 44 peop’em with this distinction.

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The segovian town of Sepúlveda has been chosen to join the Association "The peop’em most beautiful of Spain" from yesterday. In this way, culminating the efforts undertaken by the Department of culture, tourism and the municipality to ensure that the villa is acknowledged with this mark of quality that will be released to Sepulveda at the national level and beyond our borders.

The city of Sepulveda, on the initiative of the Department of tourism, requested accession to the Association "The peop’em most beautiful of Spain". From that time, is initiated all them procedures to manage it and is spent by an audit from personal of the Commission of quality designated for this purpose where is valued them criteria minimum specified in the letter of quality. "Criteria, in some cases, very demanding, as evidenced by the fact that, of 40 requests received by 2015, only 9, including that of Sepulveda, have been accepted by the Association".

The official presentation of Sepulveda as one of peop’em most beautiful of Spain will be on January 20 in the framework of the international tourism fair, FITUR, which each year hosts Madrid. "Of this form, Sepulveda will be present in an of the fairs of tourism more important of the world, consolidating our villa as a destination tourist of reference, as already is saw with our presence in the fair international of the tourism of Interior, INTUR, in which were in November", says the Councillor of tourism.

From the month of February, closes the date that Sepulveda will be labeled in their entries as "One of the villages most beautiful of Spain" next to the logo of the Association and, from that moment, will have the right of use of the label the peop’em most beautiful of Spain to be used in accordance with the values of the Association.

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