Restaurants in Sepúlveda

  • El Figón de Ismael

Sepulveda restaurant in which several generations of hoteliers the Ortiz family has dedicated all the patience and dedication to make their dishes.

Address: C / Lope Tablada, 2, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921-540-055

Contact person: Ismael Ortiz López



  • Meson Señorío de Sepúlveda

We are specialized in the Castilian cuisine, with an extensive menu where you can taste our appetizers and varied starters, among which we highlight our "stuffed peppers".

Address: C/Sancho Garcia, 5, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921 540 056

Email: senoriodesepulveda@por’

Web page: http. / / www.por’

  • Restaurant "Alfoz"

Address: C/Conde de Sepúlveda, 26, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921-540-353

Contact person: Pablo

  • Restaurant Casa Paulino

The best bar of skewers in many mi’em around us receives this magnificent place from the center of Sepulveda.

Address: C/Barbican, 2, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921-540-016

Contact person: Mariano

Email: casapaulino@por’

Website: http://www.por’

  • Restaurant Casa Román

In our BBQ you can taste our rich lamb accompanied by the best wines, while visiting our winery and its exquisite decoration.

Address: C / Sancho Garcia 3, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921 54 04 32


  • Cristóbal restaurant

With the delicious dishes that in this House we offer your "rowing" are lightened to run swift famous corners.

Address: C/Conde de Sepúlveda, Sepúlveda C.P. 9:40300

Phone: 921-540-100

Contact person: Antonio

Email: restcristobal@por’

Website: http://www.por’

  • Restaurant Hernanz Baker

Upon arrival at our restaurant taste our traditional boulders and a good wine that goes with it. With modest wineries give time a chance to enjoy the art of wine and good taste by the cultivated.

Address: C/Conde de Sepulveda, 4, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921 540 378 921 540 520

Contact person: penalty



  • Figon Postigo

In the middle of Plaza of Spain is one of the sites that exist in the village to eat well and tapas.

Address: Plaza of Spain, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921-54.01.27

  • Figon Zute greater Tinin

It has passed from parents to children for five generations, being about to incorporate a new generation, the sixth. Since some time now are being imposed in the culinary arts, and especially in the speciality here: EL CORDERO ASADO.

Address: C/Lope Diego Tablada, 6, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921-540-165 

Contact person: Tinin



  • Figon lower Zute Julian

Located together to San Bartolomé Church, near the Plaza Mayor, "Lower the Zute Tavern" restaurant is a pleasant, care corner where the friendly and character of its owners make us feel like our own home.

Address: C / ascent to the pillory, 26, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921-540-265

Contact person: Julian

Email: zutemenor@por’

Website: http://www.por’

  • Perorrubio Tavern

Restaurant located in Perorrubio, village added to Sepúlveda. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Phone: 921121801/660827932

Contact person: Cristina


  • Violet

In the heart of the incomparable Villa de Sepúlveda is "Violeta", restaurant, bar and disco, place that brings ideal conditions for all kinds of celebrations.

Address: C / Sancho Garcia, 19, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921-540-243

Contact person: Juan Antonio



  • Restaurant La Cocina de Paulino

Address: C / 2 Barbican, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 540639-921

  • Restaurant Café Samoa

Address: C. Sancho Garcia, 4, Sepulveda zip code.: 40300

Phone: 921 540 138