The gastronomy of Sepulveda and, in general, in the province of Segovia, is one of the richest and most varied of all the Spanish geography. From Hospedería de Los Templarios, one of the most renowned hotels in Segovia, and that it is located specifically in the town of Sepúlveda, want to ’boutk to you about the rich cuisine of our land.

Hotels in segoviaThe dish star of the exquisite cuisine of Sepulveda is the Lamb roast in oven charcoal, a culinary preparation which stands out for the quality of the raw material, the churro lamb, more white and more legs than merino. The Lamb should be divided into quarters and usually use butter and salt as complements in its preparation.

Especially famous in the cuisine of the province is the roast suckling pig and, above all, the particular form of carving it using dishes. However, this is a tradition that, despite being deeply rooted, is considered relatively recent, since their origins only from the 30s of the last century. On the other hand, abundant livestock in Segovia also results in the production of the famous cheese Spanish, being of Sacramenia and Cuellar the most famous.

Other many roasts are famous throughout the province. For example, this is the case of the FRY Lamb of Pedraza. Also, of the meat of pig, a time made the killing, is obtained infinity of products of cold cuts. Between them, the pork loin, sausage or black pudding.

It is curious that, within the town of Sepúlveda, fish play a key role within the gastronomy. In fact, the sepulvedana cod and trout to the Segovia are other more known dishes of our gastronomy. Moreover, we can not forget that there are an infinite number of agricultural crops that give rise to strong and wonderful dishes of spoon, as it is the judion of La Granja, chick peas Valseca and Santa María la Real de Nieva with makers is the traditional cooked, the famous castellana soup and delicious cream and salads in summer.

The pastry of Sepulveda also deserves special attention, highlighting them "soplillos", them doughnuts of Castrillo, the pasta, the massaging or the punch sepulvedano.

Finally, it is impossible to finish an article on cuisine of Segovia without reference to the wines that are produced here. And is that some of our areas belong to the denomination of origin Ribera of the Duero, being the wine of wheel and the came of Valtiendas them more exquisite.

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