Two nights in our hotel in Sepulveda and canoeing by the Hoces del Duratón

And they say that there is no two without three, therefore, nothing better to complement two wonderful nights in our rural hotel in Sepulveda, an adventure activity making canoeing by the Hoces del Río Duratón, with the company Naturaltur as a guide.


Hoces del rio Duratón

But well before the day, we have breakfast and our Hospice offers coffee, juice and pastries freshly made, to slowly savour before embarking on the road.

Not only they rented us a canoe, guide us by the hoces del Duratón to visit the Hermitage of San Frutos, the monastery de La Hoz, which is located at the bottom of an impressive Gorge, inform us of the birds that exist in the natural park such as the Griffon Vulture, vultures, eag’em, falcons, kites…

All of this surrounded by incomparable beauty, with more than 100 m steep, pure nature, that will make us forget the noise and stress of the city.

Once finished the route in a canoe by sick’em touches eat / dinner and rest, we can visit the villa and know its exquisite gastronomy, of course, trying the delicious lamb chops. But you can also taste other typical Castillian dishes, rations and spikes that will delight many. Of course, all this watered with wines Castilian Leon, with fame international. This link of our website offers information of the best restaurants in the area.

Therefore, an unforgettable weekend or any two days, can be given at any time or place. Which us offer consists of two nights in our hotel rural of Sepulveda called Hospedería of the Templars and a route guided in canoe by them sick’em of the River Duratón for two people sponsored by the company Naturaltur.

A travel that we take to places unparalleled that make that is unforgettable and want repeat.

The offer for the weekend of 29 and 30 July 2016 is €200 for two nights with bed and breakfast and a route in a canoe by the Hoces del Duratón.

Direct reservation with the hotel (no booking, trivago…) 

As reach: llegar.hotelsepulveda.es