It is the perfect getaway for devotees of nature, wildlife and outdoor activities. With a weekend you can go and enjoy the Park Natural of the Hoces del rio Duratón, which is located in the northeast of Segovia. Said Park goes from Sepulveda to the dam of Burgomillodo, and has with an extension of 5.037 hectares covering approximately 25 kilometers of the River Duratón. The Duratón River flows along a sinuous path drawing deep gorges of flat-bottomed and limestone scarps which can reach 100 meters of altitude. Park, colorful Canyon erosion result, amalgamates shades of the water of the River, ochre rocks Browns and a full range of green provided by vegetation. A unique experience if we decide to do tourism in Sepulveda.

En_relacion_a flora, four well-defined areas are distinguished: 1) located in the upper region characterized by open forests of sabina albar and junipers; (2) in the area upper, in the sector Southwest, is are pine forests located on the sands; (3) the cut, with an abundance of trails, Hispanic Campanula, navel of Venus, etc.; and (4) the bottom of the Valley, covered by willows, Elm, alder, poplar and ash. For those lovers of them birds, the star of this park is the vulture Griffon that is dedicated to its reproduction and breeding during the period understood from the month of January to July. The Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle, Egyptian vulture, Eagle is also calzada, buzzard, nightinga’em and Dupont's Lark, among many others.

In addition to the natural attributes of this space, its rich history, represented by the Romanesque Hermitage of San Frutos, Sepulveda architecture and the cave of the seven altars. It also stresses its gastronomy represented by roasted suckling pig and lamb, garlic soups and segovian punch.

Within the Park it is prohibited to light campfires, camping, and littering. There are a few areas of reservation to be able to access them you need a permit (for the long path from January 1 to July 31). It gets at the Park House (Tel. (921 54 03 22), located in Sepulveda, where also provides timely information for the site visit: routes, maps, permits, etc.

This treasure of tourism in Sepulveda is enjoyed by children, ado’emcents and adults, through the playgrounds, hiking, canoeing, and fishing that can be practiced in the area. An ideal place to take a break from the noise of the city.